Where is your Achilles heel when working with people?

If you work with friends, what do you do when you have different opinions?

  1. Adhere to your own opinion
  2. Ask the third party to decide
  3. Hope to communicate with the other party
  4. Do not want to argue with the other party, even if you are right, do not insist

Test results:

  1. You are a very assertive person and have confidence in yourself. However, you are too self-confident to be arrogant, self-awareness is too strong and will not be considered for others. Working with others, the most important thing is the spirit of cooperation. This team spirit is a catalyst for promoting interpersonal relationships. Your confidence may be the condition and cost of your success, but it may also be a fatal injury in your relationships. You’d better listen to other people’s opinions, don’t be too stubborn.
  2. Judging from the perspective of a third party, it can be said that it is more objective and better, and it avoids the direct contradiction between the two parties. If you choose this approach, you can see that you are a very intelligent person and very measurable. Your relationship will be handled very well.
  3. You have this communication habit and concept, which means that you are very suitable for team work, and your relationships will be developed smoothly because of your personality. However, although communication is a good thing, you should never give up your point of view in order to do a good job of interpersonal relationships, let alone seek for perfection.
  4. Your practice of giving up your own opinions and rights will make others feel that you do not respect the job at all or respect the group. Your mentality may be fear of confrontation with others. But this will only make your relationship worse.