A Guide to Renting a Commercial Property

If one is considering renting a commercial property, there are many things to take into consideration. For instance, the location, owners and the terms and conditions of the lease, among others – click here for more. It is advisable that you have a checklist which you consult before renting such a property as you move forward. It is worth noting that, today, property investors have diverted their attention towards the lucrative deals promised by the commercial properties. This sudden interest is due to the need to diversify ones’ property investment portfolio, along with huge incomes and tax breaks. Nevertheless, it is prudent to do research before taking the plunge. If you have ever rented any other property before, you are already pretty sure of the high costs one incurs initially. Therefore, with a property for commercial purpose, it is very important to have in mind the kind of business one wants to run and the amount of initial cost it may require.

What are the commercial properties?

Some of the commercial properties that people invest in real estate include the following:

· Apartment blocks: These are often the first choice of investors. Many people prefer owning apartments to any other property because of the value attached to it in the world market.

· Mobile home parks: This is one of the most profitable investments in real estate. One can make huge profit out of it especially if they rent such spaces in places where there is high traffic of customers for their products.

· Retail properties: these premises can also be utilised for retail transactions and they attract good profit.

· Health care facilities or units: some people rent spaces for health care units like congregate care centers as well as nursing homes.

Other commercial properties that one can rent include hotels, leisure centres, industrial properties, offices, among others. Click here for more.

Considerations to make before renting a property

Normally, after you have made up your mind to run a business, the next thing is to determine where to run it; location. It is very important to go for a location that favours your intended business and target audience. Before renting, you should also ensure that you deeply understand every aspect of renting property. Below is a list of other key issues to consider before renting a commercial property;

1. Ask yourself certain questions – is the space is enough for the intended business? You must also determine the duration for renting the property, how many months – short or long term?

2. Beautify your space – an attractive space attracts customers. You must have in mind how you will give brand identity to your premises. You must not only keep it maintained, but also increase its appeal. This can be done by adding wall art or custom rugs. You can even find an expert to help you in designing the interior.

3. Find the right agents – it is important to select decent, reputable agents, whose terms and conditions are in line with the property you desire to let. Such agents can be found on property platforms, such as PropList: click here for more information.

4. Conduct market research – without doing market research, it is not easy to set the right prices of the product you will be selling, in relation to the cost of renting the property. You need to make profit out of the work being undergone in the rented commercial property. Market research assists you in figuring out the right vacancy or property rate in the region, hence identifying the most realistic rent cost for the space you want to lease.


If you are leasing a commercial property, be sure to consider the above factors before making your final decision on where and how to rent the property.